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Sustainable Attributes

Sustainable Store London is a curated store and online platform, offering you the choice to invest in exceptional fashion and beauty products that have been consciously crafted.

Every product in the edit is selected to ensure that it meets our 3 key attributes. These attributes take into account human, animal and environmental welfare and align with the fashion and beauty industries’ internationally recognized best practices. Discover our edit and help support a more sustainable future. 

Craft & Community
Craftsmanship lies at the heart of luxury, and this attribute celebrates products that showcase exceptional, artisanal skills or techniques and brands that adhere to fair trade principles and invest in communities.

Considered Materials
We believe in natural materials or up-cycled materials. A considered approach means sourcing materials and ingredients cultivated in a way that takes into account the welfare of people, animals and the environment.

Ethical Production
From products that meet an internationally recognized sustainability standard to those that are made using environmentally conscious processes or technologies, this attribute is about fashion that supports the health of environment, worker and wearer. By producing small quantities we ensure that we do not overproduce and end up with waste. Each garment becomes more valuable and more unique.