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Collection: Thomas P Cochran

Thomas P Cochran is a small family run business. Thomas otherwise known as Patrick, is from Zimbabwe and his wife Carrie from England. They left Zimbabwe in 2007 to make their home here in Mauritius.

Patrick ran his own successful foreign exchange company until 2013. He then spent time in Zimbabwe trading gold from the mines there and in the process learnt the whole process of mining gold and silver from the ground through to the refining of the ore. During that time he also spent time in South Africa studying jewellery making.

2015 was a year spent developing designs and casting techniques and a fledgling small collection of jewellery.  Thomas P Cochran registered for its Assay license in UK and Mauritius and was appointed its own hallmark from the Birmingham Assay Office. And in August 2016 we opened the shop in Tamarin.

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