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Collection: The Lost Explorer


The Lost Explorer are a lifestyle brand for modern explorers. They supply carefully crafted products and experiences that feed your curiosity and support your everyday adventures, wherever they may lead.

Our company is 100% owned by Nature, and through this new model, we’re making commerce and conservation more symbiotic.  We believe that business can’t succeed long-term at the expense of Nature. Everything we do is guided by the question, “how would nature run a business?”  The answers are never easy, but we love the challenge, even if we sometimes get it wrong.

To achieve this, we are built on a fundamentally different organisational model designed to serve our one and only stakeholder, Nature. 

Our Values:

 _ Put Nature First
 _ Be A Better Company
 _ Work Better Together
 _ Go Boldly Into The Unknown

By taking a holistic approach that brings the best of science together with the magic of Nature, we’ve created a functional skincare and wellness collection that will help to protect and restore you throughout life’s daily adventures.

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