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Collection: The Ethiquette

Our sharing system allows our clients to have access to exclusive and unique evening pieces without having to wear the same outfit twice.

The Ethiquette, a play on words between Ethics and Etiquette, is also a club representing a community that shares a common love of fashion but also a common wardrobe.

Our members are independent and elegant women who love to dress and who share our interest in the environmental cause and the art of living The Ethiquette.

We have also launched By The Ethiquette, our collection of unique pieces available for purchase by non-members of The Ethiquette, made from the scraps of the Couture collection.  



Zero Pollution :

The collections are made from letfovers from fashion houses and old Indian saris.

Circular economy :

Based on upcycling, fabrics from old collections are reused to create future collections.

Sustainable consumption :

Thanks to our sharing economy, production is reduced and The Ethiquette allows our members to participate less in hyper-consumption.

Social Commitment :

The Ethiquette donates part of its profits to NGOs working with women in India.

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