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Collection: Tea & Tequila

Designed in London, ethically handmade in Mexico supporting indigenous communities of women.

Our two Founders are close friends from University days: Sarah Goodwin sipping tequila from her office in Mexico City and Millie Wilson sipping on tea from the London side of the business.

The pair fell in love with Mexican craft, culture and magic and set out on a mission to keep Mexico's traditional crafts alive. They continue to discover small communities of highly skilled craftswomen across Mexico. Tea & Tequila collaborates with these artisans to help produce contemporary accessories championing their local crafts.

Tea & Tequila's designs are intricate and full of colour, created for the chic and stylish who need a dash of spice in their life.

We believe fashion should be a playful way to express yourself and our style is here to make smiles.

Let's help make them spread.

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