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Collection: PHVLO

Our story starts with a passion for creation and a desire to do things differently. In a world where fast fashion has conditioned our consumption patterns and produced huge wastage, we aim to make a difference to better the environment. More than just fashion, PHVLO is a mindset. At PHVLO we care about the world we live in, and the way we live.

We take the time to produce ‘less’. Every PHVLO creation was conceived piece by piece, and is unique, functional, and season-less in nature. 

We believe in combining practicality with comfort and design for an active urban lifestyle. Our functional designs remove the need for you to change outfits from morning to evening, helping you to save an hour a day, and giving you 25hours to live, work, and play.

We are committed to using new technologies and fabrics that have the least impact on the environment, yet high performing in nature. All our products require little maintenance and do not include any toxic chemicals or animal fur.

 We are also part of PHVLO HATCH an organisation dedicated to giving back to the community and promoting sustainability by providing job opportunities and skills enhancement for the local community. We aim to inspire today’s youth and help rejuvenate and enhance the fashion and creative industries through our strong global network.

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