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Collection: Oramai

After a decade working for L'Officiel, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, in-house at Graff Diamonds and Ralph & Russo, Oramai started as a personal voyage against the misuse of resources in the fashion industry, an industry that I discovered was also the second largest polluter in the world. 

Looking for sustainable materials, I discovered that linen requires very little water, almost no pesticides and is completely allergic-free. I had the fortune to meet with organic farmers based in Beligum the heritage of linen, who changed the way they were harvesting flax (see our video) , weaving it into linen like their previous generations, that gave me the ultimate inspiration to start creating the first collection. 

 Oramai (Italian for “by now”) clearly defines my belief that the fashion industry should “by now” expect the highest quality and craftsmanship to be produced in the most environmentally aware and sustainable way possible. 

 My commitment is to make an elegant and relaxed collection without compromising her ethics and key values, taking into consideration where materials come from and who is making them: luxury with a conscience or in other words; sustainable luxury.

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