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Collection: Kitty Joyas

Kitty is a London-based jewellery designer and maker. A few years ago, whilst living in Spain she set-up Kitty Joyas. Having trained amongst some of Barcelona’s finest artisans, she developed her skills and distinctive style.

She began making jewellery when she was 7 years old. Spending her savings on  collecting beads and every summer she sold her handmade beaded pieces along the beaches in Wales. Years later, she has turned her childhood passion into a competitive career.

2018/19 at Bishopsland Educational Trust furthered her skills in enamelling, hand engraving, working with precious metals and hand manufacturing her jewellery. Inspired by organic form, colour and texture, she loves spending time in stone shops and foreign markets as new colours & shapes can immediately stimulate a new design. 

Kitty Joyas is an environmentally conscious brand. Everything is handmade in the UK using recycled metals where possible. Kitty ensures the highest quality in all her creations.

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