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A British menswear brand specialising in collarless shirts. The idea behind creating collarless shirts was simple - being huge fans of the style we just couldn't find them in the variety and quality we were after, so decided to make our own! We launched in 2016 and are continuing to expand our range to ensure we provide collarless shirts that cover all seasons and occasions.

We source the materials for our shirts from mills across Northern Portugal. Considered some of the finest in the world, the mills have a focus on sustainable fashion, whilst perfectly combining years of expertise with advancements in technology. The results are premium fabrics that are made to last - not just a one-season wonder. 

All our shirts are then produced in a family run factory in the Portuguese hills just north of Porto. The factory only manufactures one product - shirts - so they've got pretty good at it over the years. 

We pride ourselves on the fit and quality of our shirts, with the greatest attention to detail and highest level of workmanship going into the production in order to achieve a unique look and feel. We also want to keep the costs down for you, so we avoid the typical 5/6x mark-up that many similar brands to us do, instead sticking to 2/3x throughout our range. High quality - honestly priced - made to last.  

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