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Collection: Ebuku Threads

 We travelled to Nigeria to seek out artisans who share a passion for traditional textile design and wish to pursue it as a form of income.

We work closely with our artisans, collaborating on design as well as giving space for contemporary creativity. We use sustainable and ethical methods of production and aim to keep the traditional process alive by paying fair wages, as well as encouraging and supporting further development.

We intend to show their artisanal talent to the world, to create a snowball effect so that more designers and brands alike delve into the pan African textile market, buying locally and enhancing communities.

Our business model focuses on slowing down and being more conscious about our production process as a whole, while ensuring a meaningful fashion experience.    
Ebuku Threads ensures high quality handmade clothing, a natural fibre fabric selection, a conscious and ethical production process, zero wastage, as well as community support.



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