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Styling with... Manina Weldon

We had the pleasure to visit the founder of Red Leopard, Manina Weldon for a styling and colour session.


You have a background is in fashion buying, languages and decorative arts, please tell us what inspired you to launch Red Leopard? 

I have always been passionate about fashion and dressing people - so my first job was as a trainee buyer for “Feathers” in Knightsbridge. I didn’t enjoy working in the industry much, but after several years experimenting in other fields - travel, fine and decorative arts, and even training as a homoeopath - I came back to my first love! I trained to be able to do colour and style analysis with a company called House of Colour, before setting up Red Leopard in 2003.

Isabella having her colours tested. 

Has colour always played a mayor role in your life and how? 

Colour has always been hugely important to me - when I was a child, I used to design dresses, and also used to paint a lot - always using incredibly varied palettes. When I was studying the history of fine and decorative art, I also became really interested in colour theory as taught at the Bauhaus.

You mention there are 3 ways in choosing a garment, Colour, style and personality please can you elaborate? 

Yes - when choosing an item of clothing, you have to get three things right: first the colour, then the style or shape, and then the “personality”. Getting the colour right means that you will look healthy, vibrant, energetic and friendly. Every colour affects its neighbour, or adjacent colour, so it is hugely important to choose the colours that make your skin glow, rather than the ones that make you look tired. That is why we always start our consultations with colour analysis. It is truly transformational.

The style or shape of a garment needs to be in harmony with your own body and face structure - so we look at necklines, scale, and proportion.

Personality is the really fun bit, where you find out what your “clothing profile” is - whether you need pretty, feminine clothes, romantic wafty clothes, dramatic, structured or cute clothes….and more!

If something is right in colour, style and personality, you will love wearing it.

What would your recommendation be to someone that wants to discover her/his colours? 

Ideally a consultation with Red Leopard - firstly for colour, but even better for colour and style!

What do you think is most important thinking towards a sustainable fashion wardrobe?

When you get all the elements right, it is easy for you to build a sustainable wardrobe. Most people wear 10 percent of their wardrobes 90 percent of the time. It is a total waste. And so many people have huge wardrobes with most of the stuff just hanging there. 

When you know what really works for you, you buy less. Focus on quality, buy more expensive, buy things you love, and keep them!

We are very excited to host a colour styling session in store shortly. Keep an eye out on our events page. 

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