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Behind the brand.. Organic Savanna

With Knight Kimosop, Head of Operations at Organic Savanna.

Who is Organic Savanna?
Based in Kenya, Organic Savanna is an all-natural skincare brand with a mission to empower people. All our products are made by hand and created in small batches using only the richest ingredients sourced locally from women’s groups and farmer co-ops across East Africa. 100% of profits are then reinvested back into our surrounding communities to sustainably drive impact. 

Why and when did it start?
Established in 2016, our story grew from the simple idea that products should not only be made well but should also do good. We wanted to support our local communities so ended up planting 30,000 Aloe Vera plants and making aloe-based products together. 

Why the location / village you’ve chosen?
We have the most wonderful community-run farm based in Thika enabling us to now grow and harvest our ingredients, as well as make all our products on site.

How can we get involved? Anyone can visit?
Of course! We’d gladly welcome anyone interested in coming to see us. We even recently partnered with @TheMaptique and now offer a carefully curated social experience here in Kenya. Guests get to fully immerse themselves in the local culture whilst spending time alongside our community learning how our products are responsibly made.

How does the future looks like?
Hopefully continuing to share our story further and wider. Lots of exciting things to announce so watch this space!
We are proudly selling two products: 
The Organic Savanna Candle
is made with soya and fragrant eucalyptus that promotes deep relaxation and is individually hand-poured by women in Kenya.
The Organic Savanna Lip Baml
This handmade Lip balm is rich with oil from the African Baobab tree also known as the "Tree of Life."
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