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Behind the brand.. Kitty Joyas

We sat down with Kitty Joyas, she began making jewellery when she was 7 years old. Spending her savings on collecting beads and every summer she sold her handmade beaded pieces along the beaches in Wales. Read her story how she turned her childhood passion into a competitive career. We sat down over a Matcha with her. 


What is Kitty Joyas?
Kitty Joyas is a sustainable jewellery brand that I set-up (Kitty, Founder) a few years ago, whilst living in Spain. Having trained amongst some of Barcelona’s finest artisans, I was inspired by the creative spark and flare that the city evoked as well as the opportunities that were readily available to pick up artisanal making skills. Here I developed my skills and distinctive style and this influenced my Signature Collection of gold & silver earrings.

Why did you start?
I have had a passion for jewellery since a very young age. I collected beads and had my own business at the age of 12 - selling my goods up the beaches in North Wales. I spent all my pocket money in the most amazing bead shop called “Beadworks” in Covent garden - this is where my love for jewellery began.
Many years later, I have turned my childhood passion into a competitive career.

What’s your main inspiration?
I am drawn to organic form, colour and texture. All of which I find in my everyday surroundings.

I love spending time in stone shops and foreign markets. Seeing new colours and different shaped pearls can immediately stimulate a design in my mind.

What materials did you choose to work with and how?
 I source my metals from reliable precious metal merchants and I buy the exact amounts that I need to be resourceful. I work with recycled metals and fairtrade gold & silver where possible.

What is your process?
I work with traditional jewellery making techniques combined with statement designs. Every piece of jewellery starts with a doodle and then begins to take shape with raw precious metals.
Forging, fabrication and filing are my everyday techniques. I have fallen in love with the process of enamelling. Despite it being a time consuming process, the crushing of coloured glass, and applying it to the metal is rewarding whilst waiting for the kiln to generate the final result is unpredictable!
Kitty Joyas is all about sustainability; handcraft, zero mass production and zero waste.

What has been challenging so far?
 Hand making enough hoops to keep up with the demand!!

What 5 tips do you have to live a more sustainable life?
For Kitty Joyas:

  • Recycling old pieces of jewellery and creating them into new ones
  • No mass production
For Life:
  • Buying from small, independent sustainable brands
  • Exploring the UK at weekends instead of mini-breaks abroad
  • Supporting local fruit and veg shops

Follow her journey on @kittyjoyas

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