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Matcha with.. Emily Lynam founder of Yougi

We sat at Matcha & Beyond and asked Emily Lynam founder of Yougi on her journey to reduce stress and gain a healthy body and mind through natural fragrance and nourishing workshops. 

Why did you start
I set up yougi to help people gain a healthy mind and mind through natural fragrance product, candle making workshops and positive intention setting.

I finished my role as buying and product development manager for an e-commerce company in April to do a yoga teacher training , study ayurveda in India and then set up my own business in London. After discovering I had an allergy to synthetic fragrance ten years ago I began making candles and skincare products for myself and my friends. This hobby turned into a passion when I saw powerful healing benefits natural fragrance can have in your mind and body. My products disclose every ingredient and I’ll never compromise with synthetic ingredients. I’m proud to say they are vegan, ethically sourced and 100% natural.

Hearing people say they love my products or how they have helped, gives me more job satisfaction, then I could ever imagine.

What has been challenging so far?
The biggest challenge is spreading the word with a limited marketing budget. I’m delighted to say sales have been strong but they have mainly come from word of mouth , Instagram and collaboration with great like minded brands.

What does candles mean to you?
The same part of your brain that is used to smell is also used for memory creation and emotions. This is why scent can be so powerful in intention setting. It can transport you pack to a happy time in your life or forward to help you manifest.
The essential oils also offer emotional wellness and different healing benefits.

What 5 tips do you have to live a more sustainable life?

  1. invest in a nice linen tote bag that you can bring to the supermarket and which fits in your handbag.
  2. research retailers and manufacturers and make sure they’re practices are ethical and sustainable.
  3. support small and family run business. The products are always make with more love.
  4. grow your own herbs
  5. buy organic liquid caster oil soap, add some essential oils and you have a lux hand soap.

How are you adapting to the online presence?
Yes, I’ve moved my aromatherapy candle making workshops to Zoom and I’m posting the candle making kits ahead of the workshops. It’s receiving a great response and offering some positivity during this time. I’m also selling my candle, diffuser and bath ranges online.

To book a candle making workshop or to purchase Yougi products go to www.yougibotanicals.com 

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