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Behind the brand...Tomorrow Threads

We caught up with Shahriar Nazemi, the creative genius behind the eco-cashmere brand, Tomorrow Threads, about the intimacy we’re all yearning for and how sustainable fashion can reconnect us to our environment.

By Chiara Maurino

What inspired you to launch your own eco-cashmere brand, Tomorrow Threads?
I wanted to create a new story for a “new tomorrow”. I value authentic artisanal craftsmanship and had the opportunity to do something for my local community of workers, hence Tomorrow Threads was born.

Intimacy is at the core of your brand, from your close relationship to the artisans that work on your family mill, to the personalised customisations Tomorrow Threads offer. Why is intimacy such an important ingredient in creating a sustainable and ethical fashion company?

Intimacy and a direct relationship is what we’re all yearning for, be it in our fashion choices or personal lives, there’s always a consumer curiosity to “know who your maker is”. The personalised customisations are part of a desire for self expression and hopefully bring a light-hearted touch and smile to one’s face. I feel intimacy is a huge part of Tomorrow Threads, as we are a small-batch analogue knitwear mill that has been in my family for generations. My artisans care about who they are making for, how they are making it, and how it impacts their local environment.

Having a direct supply chain is one of your core values. Do you have any tips for fashion companies looking to streamline their supply chain?
I think you can take steps in the right direction to being more streamlined, but you have to ask yourself the vital question: is passion your key driver or is it profit? I believe that there’s a middle ground and if you can balance that, then that’s a good space to be in. Specific tips could be to only produce what you sell, only use eco- friendly detergents to reduce the impact on the water supply and we never run the machines overnight (just so you can economise on a few more cozy jumpers). Just these small steps can positively impact your environment.

Can you give us 5 simple tips for living a more sustainable everyday existence?

  • Use reusable cups for your matcha latte or oat flat white
  • Walk and bike whenever possible whilst wearing a cozy jumper :)
  • Grow your own food and herbs (the legal kind)
  • Carry canvas or linen bags and avoid plastic bags
  • Go for quality clothing over quantity

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