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Behind the Brand...Tea in the Moment

We sat down with Jessica Nester the founder of Tea in the Moment, and asked her about her vision for her brand and her journey with sustainable farming.

What is Cacao Tea?

Cacao tea is made from the outer shells of the cacao bean and blended with natural, whole ingredients - for a healthy, plant-based alternative to traditional hot chocolate drinks and teas. Our tea is sugar-free, caffeine-free, plastic-free and vegan.


What are the ‘outer shells of cacao beans’? How did you come across it and why did you decide to start using it?

During the chocolate making process, cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried before being roasted. The beans are then cracked in a winnower to separate the cacao nibs from the shells; the nibs go on to make chocolate, and the husks are usually discarded as an organic by-product - until now!I came across the idea as I was looking for something sweet to satisfy cravings in the evenings. My usual go-to would be a piece of dark chocolate, or if I wanted something a bit lighter I would make a hot chocolate drink or tea. However, I found that most of these contained ingredients, flavourings or preservatives that I'd never heard of, or they were blended with caffeinated green/black tea - not ideal before bed! I wondered if it was possible to take these existing teas, and strip them back to just one or two natural, whole ingredients for a naturally great tasting drink, that actually tasted like real dark chocolate!

What has been challenging so far?

Being totally self-funded has meant I've had to create everything in house. It's been a lot of fun teaching myself packaging design, barcodes, commercials... But also quite challenging at times!

What 5 tips do you have to live a more sustainable life?

  1. Fill your IG feed with educational resources, brands and "greenfluencers", avoid following fast fashion brands to remove any temptation!
  2. Consume less - I try not to buy anything new unless it's replacing something old and I regularly clothes swap with family/friends.
  3. It's so simple but I always carry a KeepCup and an extra shopping bag wherever I go. I try to be aware of anything that is single-use and am always curious to see if there's a sustainable alternative available.
  4. Support brands that are actively trying to find sustainable solutions to existing consumer purchasing behaviours, not just for fashion but across all industries - beauty, food, transport etc.
  5. Drink loose leaf tea! Many of the single-use tea bags we use on a daily basis are sealed using a plastic-based glue. Not only does this make them non-recyclable or compostable, it also means that we are consuming small amounts of micro-plastics every time we sit down for a cuppa...

Follow her adventure on: @teainthemomentuk

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  • Looks amazing Jess, can’t wait to try your tea x

    Gillian Bannister

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