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Behind the brand...Revive

Teresa Carmona, the founder of Revive, joined us to tell us about her new collection. Teresa collaborates with artists to 'revive' and transform vintage clothing into unique, one of a kind pieces.

What inspired you to start Revive? 

During my fashion studies at university I was exposed to the unethical and unsustainable reality of the fashion industry. I was immediately determined to learn more about how to improve this polluting giant of an industry. After completing an MA in Environment and Development at Kings College London, as well some educational work experience, I took the leap into starting my own business which would be an answer to the flaws currently present in the fast fashion industry, such as:

- Fast, throwaway, one-use consumption habits

- Unethical labour/environmental regulations

- Consumer manipulation to never be content


Who is your sustainable muse?

For me it's hard to choose one. I would have to construct them out of many people combined:

- The knowledge and wisdom of Sir David Attenborough

- The creativity and skills from my mother

- The courage and aspiration to be different of Vivienne Westwood

- The will-power and determination of Greta Thunberg


What has been challenging so far?

The most challenging aspect I have found during the development of Revive has been changing consumer behaviour. At Revive I am introducing a new approach to the way we consume our fashion, one which encourages using what we already have available to us, mending and repairing, as well as creativity. A large part of consumer shopping habits today are still entrapped in the throw-away and fast fashion culture. I find that we have not yet normalised sustainability; it is still seen as a trend.


Where do you see the future of retail heading? 

I think, and hope, that the future of the fashion industry is to slow down and introduce a "quality over quantity" ethos. Sustainability should become the norm, and we should opt for a circular economic structure, rather than the current linear one which is putting our world and the people in it at risk. 


What is your 5 tips to live an everyday sustainable?

1) Accept that it's ok to not be perfect: It is better to make little changes that eventually construct eco-conscious habits, than doing nothing at all. Eating less red meat is a great place to start!

2) Educate yourself: Read articles from reputable sources, speak to knowledgeable people, and follow ethical brands and pages which can deepen your understanding of living a more sustainable life.

3) Use your voice: Even if you are just one person, using your voice to protest, writing to your local government, sharing honest and factual information online, and having conversations with friends & family, are a great way to reach others and stimulate positive change.

4) When it comes to fashion, don't be afraid to make your own trends. Go through the clothes you already have, think multi-seasonal, consider the necessity and impact of the purchase when buying something new, teach yourself how to make simple repairs to your clothes, support small businesses with ethical goals, and get away from the fast fashion's unsustainable manipulation.

5) Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. Climate anxiety is a real thing, so to be able to face it head on; we need to put ourselves first. Love yourself.

Follow her journey on @this_is_revive

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