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Behind the brand..Re Considered with Tabitha Bunyan

We had the pleasure to meet Tabitha Bunyan, the young and ambitious new designer that got inspired by her grandmothers fabrics and has turned it into a new business.


What inspired you to start Re_considered?
I started Re_considered completely by chance a few months ago. I had been given a box of unwanted vintage tablecloths and duvets covers by my grandmother and decided to turn them into clothes I would wear. I rediscovered my love of sewing and ended up "reconsidering" a lot of my wardrobe; taking things I hadn't worn in a while and upcycling them into pieces I wanted to wear again. Since then I have been selling dungarees made from curtains, dresses made from shirts, tops made from tablecloths, amongst other things. I have learnt so much about the importance of a circular economy, of really valuing the clothes we already have, and changing our mindset towards the way we buy clothes. 

How do you find your fabrics?
I source my fabrics by going to second-hand stores and through donations. I want to make sure I am using what people don't want, or can't see a need for, and giving them a new life for someone else to appreciate.

What has been challenging so far?
Because each source is entirely unique and I am working piece by piece it has sometimes been a challenge to create a second item from the same design. Of course, this means that each item is completely unique which is a positive in itself. I am also entirely self-taught and so the technicalities of sewing have been a challenge to overcome and understand. I want to make pieces that are wearable and practical, as well as fun.

What has been most rewarding so far?
The most rewarding thing has been to be a part of a community of people trying to combat the fast fashion industry. It is great to see that people are really interested in this sort of designing, and playing their part in changing the way we buy and view clothing.

What are you 5 tips to live a more sustainable everyday?
1. Take a minute to properly appreciate what you already have before thinking about buying something; chances are you will have something that fits the bill.
2. Do your research. With everything that you buy check you know where it comes from and who made it.
3. Don’t throw stuff away - hand it on or swap it with a friend. There are loads of online groups encouraging swapping things with people, increasingly the lifespan of each garment.
4. Learn how to sew - you may be surprised at what you can make.
5. Look after your clothes properly so that they last longer. You can do this by washing them less often (they really don’t need to be washed as much as you think), carry stain remover with you and learn to darn/ fix small holes or tears instead of regarding them as unwearable.

Follow her Journey here @re_considered

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