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Behind the brand..Pajara Pinta

We met our favourite Colombians Isabella Domínguez and María Paula Vargas that met while they were still at design school, and their passion for nature gave birth to 'Pájara Pinta' in 2014.

What does Pájara Pinta mean? 

Pájara Pinta is pronounced “pahara peenta.” The expression comes from a famous Spanish song, and the two words describe a colorful (female) bird.

You say you believe in the power of nature, to make it ever present. Please evolve. 
Nature is our master. We believe it is a wise and strong force that reigns and balances the planet – humans included. Its cycles remind us how life works. We have learned to flow with them, to achieve anything we want.
We also believe that nature help us connect with our inner selves in the deepest ways. Therefore, we want our #PájaraPintaBirds to experience the freedom and lightness that comes with this wisdom.
Every piece we design is intended to joyfully transmit something we have learned from mother earth while encouraging an attitude of valuing and preserving it. We want our products to be reminders of the power that comes from shining from within, wherever you are.

What is your best seller and why do you think so? 
Our mochilas kankuamas have been on the top sellers for a few years. We believe it is due to the honest story that is behind them – the work of indigenous women who have inherited invaluable ancestral handcraft techniques.

Also, our ‘Qué Calor’ Fans, since their launch in September 2019. Initially it was just a capsule collection but because of its success we decided to make it permanent. We give credit to their beauty, functionality and long lasting quality.

Who makes your items? How did you come across them? 
We believe in fair trade and in encouraging the traditional wisdom that comes from ancestral handcraft techniques. We work with small artisan workshops, local indigenous communities and single women.
We have met them through different life events. Sometimes we cannot believe how fortunate we are to have discover so many talented people! And how rich and diverse is our country’s inherited culture.

What is your favourite material and why? 
We love natural fibers! It’s hard to pick a favourite. We will stick to the first natural material we started working with, that has remained in the company ever since: fique. It comes from the ‘maguey’ plant which the indigenous women cultivate in their backyards so they can later use it to make mochilas. To witness the whole process is incredible!

Who’s is your favourite muse and why?
We love Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon. We are all into barefoot natural looks.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
We see ourselves leading a very conscious fashion company that has a bigger impact in the life of the artisans who work with us. For this we are aiming to increase our international presence, to reach a wider market that values high quality handcrafts.

We also see ourselves setting an example for the generations to come that it is profitable to run an eco conscious business.

What is your 5 tips to live an everyday more sustainable life? 

  • Use eco-friendly totes instead of plastic bags.
  • Search and buy from local brands/businesses that support sustainable ways of production.
  • When shopping, think of quality instead of quantity.
  • Constantly question your habits and if there are more conscious ways to do them.
  • Don’t stay with the theory. Take action.


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