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Behind The Brand..Oramai

We managed to sit down to interview Isabella Broden, our creative entrepreneur with Swedish/ Swiss background, that started her sustainable focused brand Oramai, in 2017 and founded the Sustainable Pop Up followed by Sustainable Store London, earlier this year.

By Elena Von Welser 

What inspired you to launch Oramai?
I have always been fascinated by timeless elegance. How some things are just forever and made with exquisite craftsmanship and quality materials. For me, that is the true meaning of sustainability, and what ultimately inspired me to launch Oramai.

Best thing about sustainable fashion?
That it is good for the environment and the people making it and wearing it. It makes the shopping experience guilt-free and much more rewarding.

What are the best sustainable materials to work with?
I believe in natural materials and by that I mean organic ones. After many hours of research, I discovered that linen, which is the world’s oldest textile, is not only the most durable material but also the most sustainable . It doesn't require any irrigation during growth (rain water is sufficient), in my case no pesticides (we only use GOTS organic linen) and produces no waste because the entire plant is used, which also makes it 100% biodegradable.

Describe your perfect outfit!
My Amalfi Dress, the first design I made inspired by my everyday shirt. I wear it as a dress in the summer and over trousers as a shirt dress in the winter.

Must haves for fall 2020?
From my collection I believe in the power of core basics, such as the Amalfi Dress, The Jumpsuit, The Nomade Suit and T-Shirt. We constantly work on perfecting the details and are proud to have partnered with Corozo buttons, each button made entirely from one nut. This season I am excited to be launching the Terra Colour, inspired by my latest trip to Lamu in Africa.

How do you think fashion is going to develop in the next years? Will sustainable living have a big impact?
I hope that the fashion industry sees the current climate (aka global lockdown/pandemic) as a chance to end the unsustainable, frenzied, fast-paced, whirlwind it has become and finally reset. If you start a new brand today, there is no excuse for it not to be sustainable. All the materials and techniques are already out there. I sincerely hope that we embark on a journey towards making and wearing long-lasting, natural garments.

A journey that will have consumers heading back to their tailor, choosing quality over quantity and honouring the time and energy behind every single garment. In this way, fashion can become a force for good, helping not just the environmental issues we face, but also enriching humankind, as a race.

And how do you incorporate sustainable living in your everyday lifestyle? Do you have any tips for our readers?
I must say ‘every little helps’, because when I started recycling, I realised that even though I was frantically washing up my hard plastic, there was so much more to do in the neighbours' garbage bags out on the street. However, I came to the conclusion that before you lecture anyone else, you have to start with yourself. Where can I improve? What can I do differently? I started to look at my everyday habits, from buying lunch and taking cabs, to the tampons I used. It begins with the small things; choosing to use my own lunch box, cooking my own meals, finally getting used to traveling around on Boris bikes and making the switch from wasteful sanitary products to using a menstrual cup. Once I started, I got excited about how much there actually is out there and how many others are also starting to seek eco-friendly alternatives! So my advice is: keep on questioning, keep on seeking and don’t be afraid of change – change makes us go forward.

Follow her journey on @oramai_london

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