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Behind the Brand...Monique Lucas

We had a chat with Monique Lucas, who founded her very own, coastal-life inspired homeware brand, about the inspirational power of nature and how important it is to give back to mother earth.

By Chiara Maurino

What inspired you to start your own home-wear brand? 
I have always loved interiors and  British homeware brands such as Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston - I love how they were able to capture a certain feel along with their ranges. I have been going to the Isle of wight since I was about 8, before my parents moved there permanently, and was inspired to produce a range that captured the spirit of this beautiful island that we call home. 

Your designs celebrate coastal life and island atmosphere. Why is the sea such an important source of inspiration for you?  

Having grown up in Singapore and the Isle of Wight, visiting my grandmother in Florida, and traveling to Jamaica, the Bahamas and Ibiza - I have always loved being by the coast and am constantly inspired by the ocean and the nature that surrounds it. You can always find something new that might set off an idea for a design when you’re by the coast, such as a new shell found whilst on the beach. There is so much colour and variation in these coastal atmospheres.

Your whole range is made sustainably in the UK. Can you tell us more about this? 
I produce my whole range on organic cotton fabrics, using eco-friendly inks at a manufacturer in the UK. The products are then sewn and made up on the Isle of Wight. Whilst building a brand that is so inspired by the ocean and our planet, I wanted to ensure that it was kind to our world in the making. 

Can you give us 5 simple tips for living a more sustainable everyday existence? 

  1. Use  reusable water bottles ( such as a chilly bottle) instead of plastic bottles on the go.
  1. Instead of cling film , you can use beeswax wraps - which are an eco-friendly alternative for wrapping your leftovers, or your bread for example .
  1. Try to walk or cycle, as supposed to driving everywhere, or even better shared transport.  
  1. Aim to buy only what you need, from brands that are conscious of our planet. 
  1. Try to use eco-friendly cleaning products, with far less harmful chemicals that are bad for our environment. 
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