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Behind the Brand..Milk Cashmere

We spoke to Melanie, from the luxury knitwear brand, Milk Cashmere about what it means to create ‘honest luxury pieces’.

By Chiara Maurino

What inspired you to launch your own cashmere brand?

After falling in love with the material, I struggled to find beautifully designed and well-crafted cashmere basics. For about two years I visited factories that had skilled artisans, that would believe in my collection and would allow me to start with smaller quantities. I also visited fairs where I searched for the best quality cashmere for my designs and could meet people from the industry that would share their experience.  After I had found the right cashmere and factories, we were able to build a luxury fashion brand, born of the finest Italian Cashmere, nurtured by the best European craftsmanship; for women, mothers and babies everywhere.

Can you explain the meaning behind the name ‘Milk Cashmere’

The name comes from my Portuguese surname ‘Leite’ which means Milk in English. Since we wanted to work specifically with cashmere, renowned for its softness, we decided to include Milk in the name, which would act as a nod to my surname as well as the velvety softness of the fabric.  

Your mission is to create ‘honest luxury pieces’. Can you break down how you achieve this?

Since the beginning of Milk Cashmere we continuously build upon the essential traits of quality and honesty that define us. We live by 6 principles that support and inspire us to do better and be better.

  • Being honest and transparent with our customers (by showing them behind the scenes, sharing detailed information about our product and our journey; by being open about our suppliers)
  • Delivering the highest quality 
  • Only using natural fibers (we only work with cashmere or a blend of cashmere & silk)
  • Creating pieces that are mindfully made and will bring value to you
  • Always striving for excellence in everything we do
  • Serving as an inspiration & educational source for a more conscious fashion lifestyle for People, Animals & the Environment. 


Can you give us 5 simple tips for living a more sustainable day to day existence?

I believe we can all make small steps to living more consciously and being kinder to ourselves, others and the planet.

  • Knowledge: we need to learn and educate ourselves to be better
  • Better means for example buying less or not at all fast fashion cloths and choosing brands that create better products with high quality
  • Really looking at the label of the clothes we are buying. What is it made of? Is it made of artificial materials that are not recyclable or biodegradable ? We should avoid acrylic & polyester for example.
  • Taking care of ourselves by nourishing our body with nutritious food.
  • & I personally try the best I can not to use plastic bottles

See their collection here. Follow their journey @milkcashmere

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