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Behind the brand..Fitz&Fro

We met with the founders of Fitz&Fro the menswear brand specialising in collarless shirts.

What inspired you to launch Fitz&Fro? 
The idea behind launching Fitz & Fro was pretty simple - being huge fans of the style we just couldn't find them in the variety and quality we were after, so decided to make our own! We also knew we wanted to work on our own terms.

No collar - no fuss! Your designs are simple and  you’ve chosen to focus on sustainable materials from Northern Portugal. Please let me know what is your favourite materials and why?
Linen is always a favourite material to use, and a favourite with our customers. I think wearing a linen shirt you instantly associate with being on holiday and feeling more relaxed. We’ve also recently started using Tencel. Its one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics around - produced from wood pulp, a natural and sustainable raw material, the fabric is wonderfully soft with a natural drape, and always a talking point.


What has been challenging so far?
There are constant challenges - we do absolutely everything ourselves so its non-stop learning on the job. Initially finding the perfect factory was perhaps the biggest thing. Our shirts are now all produced in a small family run factory in the Portuguese hills just north of Porto. They also help us sourcing materials with lots of mills in the surrounding area. 


Where do you see the future of mens shirts?
I think menswear is definitely moving in the direction of buy less but buy better. So spending a bit more on better quality that will last much longer. We currently only make shirts, but are looking into making more items of clothing, produced in the same high quality, sustainable way, making Fitz & Fro a one-stop shop. 

What is you'r 5 tips to live an everyday more sustainable life? 
1. Don’t feel the need to wash your clothes after each wear. Wait until they really need it.
2. Avoid big fast-fashion brands who have new releases weekly.
3. Shop small and local, help out the high street.
4. Walk when possible. Walking in London you’ll see so much you’ve never noticed.
5. An obvious one but using a re-usable water bottle and coffee cup. And remembering a bag when heading to the shops!

See the full collection here. Follow their adventure on @Fitz&Fro

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