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Behind the brand.. Donatella Fabio

We sat down with our favourite Mexican/Italian couturier Donatella Fabio, and talked about how she went from Haute Couture to sustainable focused swimwear.

Donatella Fabio in Italy

What made you start your own swimwear line ?
One of my biggest passions is the ocean, I fell in love with it a long time ago and after I became a scuba diver I simply became obsessed with the ocean and its wonders. 

I also love creating and I’ve been a couture designer for a while. Eventually I felt the need to create a line that merged my two passions: fashion and the ocean. So one day I decided to create my own swimwear line that reflected my style and experience as a couture designer but also respects the environment and finds a way to give back to the ocean.

Details of The Ibiza Swimsuit 

Why did you choose to embrace yourself within the sustainability factor ?
When I started diving I discovered many magical places, so much beauty, and thousands of different species, I experienced an amazing feeling of becoming one with nature, and it was impossible for me to ignore the fact that everything we do has an impact, and that we need to do whatever is at our reach to protect the planet. So I changed many things in my daily personal life and decided I had to do the same with my professional life.

This is why our swimsuits are made only with Econyl Fabric, made with recycled fishnets and other waste found in the oceans and we avoid the use of one-use-only plastics in our packaging.

Details of The Capri Swimsuit 

What has been challenging so far?
Initially it was a bit of a challenge to find all the materials to create an eco-chic brand. Aside from the fabrics, I wanted to avoid one-use-only plastics, so it took a little time to find the right eco-friendly materials to do our packaging, hygienic liners and hang tags.

What other tips can you give other brands that are looking into sustainability materials? 
Research is the key, you need to do a lot of research in order to find the materials that will fulfill your needs and really work For you. There are many eco-friendly materials out there we have no idea that exist, and yet there they are waiting for you to discover them. 

How does the future look for you?
We are looking to expand the brand and find international distributors that share our ideals, we want  to be an example and lead the way into a more sustainable world while doing it with style.

Donatella in her favourite place; Diving in the ocean. 

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