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Sustainable Muse; Amelia Windsor

We spoke to our favourite muse Amelia Windsor, and talked with her about sustainable fashion and how no act is too small and won’t make a difference. Working in fashion, she has used this time during lockdown to study online sustainable fashion courses.

Hand made woollen coat I got in portobello vintage market made from old blankets.

"I would love to support and collaborate with brands that are both ethical and sustainable in their practises whilst aiming for a zero waste future and partaking in a circular economy."

Fisch bikini made from old fishing nets.

How do you see shopping in an ideal future?
I hope small businesses will be prioritised - making supply chains as small as possible with appreciation for each step in the process of making garments. I’d love to see charity shops, material manufacturers, small shops and big luxury brands working together- sharing pre and post consumer waste and knowledge for a clean future so that fashion can still be celebrated and enjoyed but with complete respect to the planet and the people who create.

The cosiest Bamford jumper. 

Book recomendation?
The Future We Choose by Christians Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carna. I read this book incredibly quickly - it was concise and clear about what we all need to do right now to prevent the disasters that could occur from ignoring climate change. Despite being quite shocking, it also brings comfort in knowing we can all make a difference no matter how big or small.


You are an ambassador of @nomoreplasticco, please tell us more. 
I was so honoured to be asked to be an ambassador. They do amazing work to promote zero waste and plastic alternatives as well as providing educational programmes for children to fully understand the impact plastic has on the environment.

What are you 3 tips to live a more sustainable everyday life?
1. Appreciate the story behind clothes and the people and the processes that made them. Opting for garments that support artisanal craftsmanship with both ethical and use only organic and low impact materials. 

2. Keep on learning! Follow inspiring activists and environmental platforms on social media as well as reading all the great books out there on the topic. 

3. Never think an act is too small and won’t make a difference

What is your favourite pick from The Sustainable Pop Up? 

1. De Castro Trousers 
This beautiful blue 100% silk trousers are hand made in Jaipur. They are covered with beautiful blue silk hand embroidery.

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2. Chapel Injiri Dress
This is a firm favourite with Chapel Collection, made exclusively for us by Injiri. The cotton fabric is hand woven in Bhuj by a master weaver. The silk panels are made from shibori/bandini. This is a maxi dress with bracelet length sleeves and small button fastening at the neck. 

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3. Valle & Vik The Breezy 
Sometimes you just want to wear something super simple, yet slightly naughty... et voila - The City Slip! Cut on the bias it drapes the curves of your body effortlessly without being too fitted. Add some layers for an urban daytime look or amp it up with some heels for an evening soiree, so simple but with endless possibilities.

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Follow her journey on @amelwindsor

Bamford Jumpsuit in linen, with an indigo dyed jacket on Portobello.

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